A dog walker passionate about dog walking

It seems obvious, and yet not all dog walkers have a passion for dog walking. Some see it as just one professional occupation among many others related to the canine world. When you entrust your dog to Eyal, things are a bit different. A synergy and a relationship of trust is established between the animal and its dog walker, making it possible to derive benefits rarely imagined at the end of a walk with your dog.

The walk takes place with respect for your dog

You love your dog. As such, you consider him to be one of a kind. And you are not wrong. Each dog has its own unique morphology, state of mind and level of health. With his experience as a dog behaviorist, Eyal always begins his dog walking missions by meeting both, the owner(s) and the dog. He can thus determine the expectations of the owner(s) and the capacities of the dog. He will then establish a program that meets the needs of the animal while respecting its well-being, but also its total safety thanks to an extended knowledge of dog behavior.

Dog walking contributes to a positive development of your dog

Perhaps you are wondering how a dog walk can benefit your dog when he has a large garden or, you walk a few kilometers with him in the woods during the weekend. Calling on a dog walker makes it possible to perpetuate the beneficial action of the walk over time and prevent external elements (it’s dark earlier, it’s raining, an urgent file cannot wait for the next day …) altering a well-established program. A bit like for us humans, when we decide to go to the gym, only regularity will give results. The same goes for your dog. The dog is, by nature, an animal with great needs in terms of walking, both for its physical and mental balance. A dog walk with a dog behaviorist brings many benefits to your dog. With more than twelve years of experience as a dog behaviorist, Eyal will explain the many benefits that will come along with a professionally managed dog walk. First of all, when the walk takes place as a pack, it allows your dog to socialize with other dogs. Dogs also need interactions with their fellow furry friends. Dog walking is also an important time for dogs to use their most developed sense: smell. Finally, and this is undoubtedly the first benefit, they increase your dog’s physical resistance as well as his ability to age in a healthy manner.

Energetic dog walks

It is important, when determining the type of dog walk, to understand what the needs of your dog are and what is right for him. Dog walks are an effective way to channel his energy and to offer him those moments of serenity which are important for his socialization. The walks provided by Eyal are energetic and require a basic form to be carried out in the best conditions. They will strengthen the health of your dog to allow him to live a balanced life.

An exclusive or shared dog-walker?

After an analysis of your dog’s behavior, Eyal will suggest one-on-one walks or walks accompanied by other dogs. Both solutions have specific advantages. During one-on-one walks, your dog will benefit of working on certain behaviors which will have a positive effect on your walks with him. When walking as a group, the dog will learn to deal with other dogs. Here again, when you go out with your dog, you will enjoy greater peace of mind at home and you will enjoy walking with your dog more.

The undeniable advantages of being part of a pack

It is important for Eyal, a dog behaviorist, to emphasize the importance of pack walks. These bring additional balance to your dog, which will later be felt in his general behavior. In order to make those walks possible, Eyal brings together dogs whose characters are compatible and he makes sure they have a proper introduction before walking them together. He can then create a real symbiosis between the different pack members of which he will naturally remain the Alpha.

They used to call him “the dog whisperer”… And this is the truth. Magical contact, fabulous comprehension, serenity.. Words are not sufficient.
Cecile Vandenbroeck
Eyal has been helping me to train one of my dogs. He is a true natural with dogs & he has peeled back many layers to uncover my dog’s issues, teaching me patiently how to train her myself. He contacts me for updates in between sessions, which truly shows how dedicated he is. It’s only been a few weeks but thanks to him I’m already seeing improvements with my dog’s behaviour 🤩 Can’t recommend him enough!
Martine Pellegrini Petit

Eyal is probably the best dog walker in the world. The love for dogs is in his blood.

Most of the time it seems like he actually speaks “dog” 😉 Eyal helped us prepare our dog, Polly, when our son was born. He even agreed to come to a holiday dinner at my wife’ parents house to help the grandchildren not to be afraid of dogs.

Highly recommend him. We will sure take him again whenever he gets back here.

Amir Frankel

Professionnel, gentil… les chiens sont au top et les maîtres sont enchantés 👍👍On ne peut plus s’en passer 🐶. Nous vous le recommandons les yeux fermés. Martine et Ralph❤️❤️❤️

Martine Herman
The best! Can’t say enough good words about Eyal, who was Chica’s dog walker for 6 years! Yes, 6 years, that says it all. Responsible, professional, communicative and most important – Chica had a blast, and she is one energetic dog! Thanks for everything!
Roy Dagan
Eyal was/is the 1st dog whisperer in Tel Aviv. He is also the best, his nature with everyone & especially his dogs is beyond special. He takes details & professionalism, seriously. Really, a real loss for TLV but what a great present to the dogs of Belgium
Mys Frank

Super professionnel, nous sommes enchantés de ce service et notre chien adore , ce qui est encore mieux 😂

Chantal De Kalo
Eyal is the best person you can imagine to leave your beloved dog with. He is reliable, professional and truly understand dogs. He will love and care for your dog as if they were his. My 3 “girls” are just crazy about him. A very big loss for us and great win for the dogs in Brussels.

Wishing you good luck🐕‍

Gal Hugo

J’aimerais partager mon expérience, mon dobermann Zeus de 1 an et demi m’en a fais voir de toute les couleurs jusqu’a ce que ca devienne invivable! Mon rêve était de pouvoir aller faire du vélo avec lui et des heures de promenades. Apres avoir pris des cours de dressage et avoir travaillé avec 3 comportementaliste cela n’a rien donné, je fesais des promenades de 10min seulement et ca ce passais très mal, tirer comme un fou, sauter, aboyer,… sans oublier qu’à la maison il étais très nerveux et arrêtait pas de sauter partout.. Jusqu’à ce que je rencontre Eyal! Il a tout d’abord appris a connaître Zeus et a gagner ca confiance, pour voir quel était les problèmes et quel serais la meilleure manière de travailler avec lui. Pour qu’ensuite je puisse moi-même l’entraîner. Ca a demandé beaucoup de travail mais quand on s’investit pour obtenir ce qu’on veut tout est possible. Maintenant je sais aller faire du vélo moi-même avec lui et partir des heures en balade. Sans Eyal tout cela n’aurait pas été possible! N’oublions pas les dog walk aussi, Zeus adore partir en balade avec Eyal et est toujours content de le voir. Ce qui prouve bien qu’Eyal a un contacte incroyable avec les chiens et avec les maîtres aussi. Je vois déjà énormément d’améliorations mais il reste encore pas mal de choses a accomplir 💪. Thank You Eyal! 🙏

Noemie Van Cauwenberghe
Eyal is so much more than a dog walker – he is our guru with anything related to dog behavior. Our 2 dogs have spent the best time of their lives with him, and we continue to consult with him even after moving abroad. He is doing this willingly and out of a real passion to help dogs and their owners. Eyal is super responsible and responsive: we received daily updates (that included beautifully taken pictures) and were assured time and time again that our 2 pups were in the most capable hands possible.
Noa Shouv

Eyal is knowledgable, reliable with absolutely amazing contact with dogs and people ! Would recommend with all my heart.

Tania Libkind

Truly the best dog whisperer you would meet in your life time. Highly recomanded to all purposes! Thank you Ejal!

Lior Kirschner

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